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Terms of use

The program is according to the Eurocodes.

The interpretation may vary from the original text.

The use of the program is generally on your own responsibility. It is assumed that the user has sufficient statically knowledge.

This program (English version) can be used without charge for 3 month. After this period an e-mail will be forwarded where you can reply positively for continued use of the program. The price will then be 325 Euro each year per language per username. (Remark: 2022 price. Price will increase approx. 2% pr. year hereafter).

Conditions: It is allowed to share the username among multiple users in one company - under same zip-code. It is presumed however that one person is appointed as a super-user, so contact to the support center is limited to questions beyond the super-users abilities and made by the super-user.

The subscription covers support around all relevant issues. I.e. statical problems, execution of the program, code-technical questions, etc.

The price is fixed and no discount is provided (E.g. companies with 5 usernames must pay for 5 licenses).

The subscription is only binding for the paid period

Universities and similar educating engineers can create one username for free.

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