Basis of calculation

The program is according to Eurocode 6: Design of masonry structures – Part 1-1.

The interpretation of the code may vary from the original text.

The calculation of loads is according EN 1990 and EN 1991

The calculation of storey high elements is according EN 12602

Remark: The use of the program is generally on your own responsibility. It is assumed that the user has sufficient statically knowledge.

Short description of the programe

The program was launched in English on the Internet february 2008.

The program consist of 12 modules of calculation.

A calculation for a specific part of the construction (e.g a masonry beam, tie-wire, a vertical loaded wall) is labelled a "Component"


List of projects
New projects are created by activating the green buttom “New project”. The created projects have the date of creation and date of last changes as a reference. The active project is marked with bold text.

Data for the project
The name of the project and the initials are transferred to all reports generated in that particular project. Safety and control class is used to determine the safety factors

Common data, Masonry and LW Concrete (EN12602) (=Storey high walls of light weight concrete)
Relevant parameters from these 3 headings are transferred to new components where relevant. Parameters in already existing components will not be affected when changes are made in these headings.

Setup consist of following elements:

  • Turn the validation of input data on and off. Turning the validation off is in practical giving a very wide range for the parameters. The program may not be tested in the end of these intervals
  • Marking of elements to be included in the report. The reports are divided in following elements: Input, General assumptions, Calculations and Results. “General assumptions” is normally the part to be omitted since the text is identically in all reports from the same module. The marking is valid for all modules in the project.
  • Optional date on the report
  • List of safety factors and the possibility to create a new set of safety factors

Statically analysis
Here are all available modules. For the actual chosen project all components are listed related to the relevant module. The date of creation and date of last changes for the components are given as a reference

Computer related issues

When using Explorer 7.0 the function "rename" can be out of order. This can be adjusted through following manoeuvre. Activate:

  • Tools
  • Internet Options
  • Security
  • Custom level (buttom)
  • Allow web sites to prompt for information using scripted windows - Choose "enable"
  • Ok

Remark. This setting will be affect all websites. As an alternative the function "Web-sites to be trusted" can be activated in bullet 3 "Security"